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People often ask me what I think the best gardening tools are. As someone who gardens day in and day out I definately have my favourites. Here I’ll be giving my opinion on the best buys.

I have a lot of fun with the tools I buy.  I purchase what I believe to the best quality and it makes any gardening task a pleasure. When I had my son working with me we kept each other amused by doing our best to break the tools we were using. Your probably thinking, ‘typical boys’ but the good thing was we never managed to break anything. I tell a lie we did, but that was through misuse and had nothing to do with the manufacturer.

That in mind I can happily recommend the following tools.

Recommended Pruning tools


Ask any gardener who makes the best secatuers and the answer you will invarably get is the company Felco. The secatuers are numbered 1 -10  My particualer favourites are Felco number 2 and Felco number 8. Irrelevant of your personal favourite all Felco products exude quality and with care should last you a lifetime.

For those who need something to cut thicker stems look no further than a pair of Fiskars P94 they are a large, sturdy pair of secatuers with gears that make pruning easy.

Fine pruning

If you need to undertake some fine pruning the Draper curved pruning secatuers are just what you are looking for . The one drawback is that the catch that holds the pruners closed can fallout. A rubberband will easily remedy this.


I  can’t speak too highly of  the Fiskars range they come in small, medium and large. Each pair is geared to make any job easy to do. When buying  a pair check the maximum pruning cut each size will perform to make sure they will do whay you  want them to.

Pruning Saw

If you are making larger pruning cuts,  the Bacho laplander fits the bill perfectly. I’ve tried many pruning saws but they are just not as strong and reliable as the laplander. The blade folds easily into the handle an excellent feature for safety. The blade is easily realeased  for use with a small button.


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