Greetings  everyone I hope I find you all well and getting into the swing of things, today of course is Valentines day so before we go any further here is a bouquet of roses for everyone to enjoy.

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I picked all these roses from my virtual garden. That’s the one in which everything grows and grows and there is never a weed to be seen!!. Here in the real world it’s already mid-February and in garden land  that means the good times are just around the corner. Well perhaps they have arrived early this year thanks to the mild weather.

I say this because on Monday I was wandering around Kirkcudbright after a visit to the garden at Broughton House(more of which later) and was met with the most  wonderful sight of hundreds and hundreds of Crocuses being as merry as only crocuses can be. Of course I took some photos to share.




I must say it  certainly made my day and I’m sure that of many others. It’s a reminder that we should all try and plant something that people can enjoy for years to come.Thanks  and well done  to whoever had the foresight to plant them in the first place. But that’s not all for in the coming weeks there will be another display of crocuses in the church grounds and lots of lovely daffodils to enjoy. Rest assured I’ll keep you well informed.

Wandering Along to Broughton House

If you happen to be in Kirkcudbright in the coming weeks why not pop into the garden at Broughton House.IMG_6304

Open as part of the Scottish snowdrop festival it’s a wonderfully relaxing time to visit. In addition to snowdrops I also spied Hellebores , Acconites ,Crocuses and even a Camellia coming into bloom.


The garden is an icon of the arts and crafts style and if you are into garden design, early spring is the perfect time to study the bare bones of  the garden to appreciate how paths, borders and features  combine together to create this wonderful garden.



The garden is open Monday to Friday 11am – 4pm. Entrance is via the side lane. Here are a few more Pictures to tempt you to visit.


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Wonderful Wisteria – now is the time to prune


I know plants are flowering earlier than normal but  don’t get to thinking ‘blimey Dave is  the wisteria  flowering already in Kirkcudbright.’ Not quite, but it is time for the second phase of pruning  your  Wisteria or in my case my customers. I’ll try to explain  how and why it’s done in two parts.

Firstly around the end of August you have to decide what to do with the year’s growth of new whippy shoots. If you want them to become part of your frame-work you need to tie them in horizontally and eventually they will send out other whippy shoots that you cut back to start the process of forcing flowering buds.

I hope you are with me so far.  I’ll tell you what lets take a well-earned break.

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Right, if you want flowers like these here is what you do. In August cut back any shoots you don’t require to 5 buds .Then in February cut back the five buds to 2-3 buds.

Prune back to three buds in Mid February

This will help the buds fatten up and hey presto flowers will result around  late May/ early June.

Don’t however try the following. I  recently heard a story from one of my  gardening chums who told me one year he pruned a wisteria perfectly  for a customer only to return to it later and find the owner had chopped it to the ground. On asking why the owner told him the book said to cut it back to two buds which she took to be from the floor. Oh well, maybe it’s recovered by now. So make sure you read the book carefully.


Good luck it will be well worth the effort I assure you.

By the way all these photos were taken  here in Kirkcudbright on 28th May 2018.

Buyer beware

I’ve had a spate of  nursery catalogues popping through the door in recent weeks. All full of lovely plants. Tempting isn’t it especially on a dull wet day. But just a word of caution to make sure and read the small print to make sure what exactly you will be getting for your money.

In fairness to the nurseries they are quite upfront about telling you that something may only come as a plug plant while showing you a wonderful full size one. So while you may think you are getting this


You may actually  be very lucky to get this



and probably will get something smaller. That said  it’s not a problem as long as you are willing to pot the plants on maybe a few times before they take pride of place in the garden. They will work out a lot cheaper than buying one big plant but of course will take longer, maybe much longer, to flower. So Just take your time before ordering and read the small print.

Bye for now

Well it’s time to be on my merry way again. I must say this year is turning out to be flower filled and each day brings new arrivals in the garden.


New buds arriving daily!!

It just remains for me to say bye for now, best wishes and happy gardening, see you Thursday 28th February 2019. Dave.

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