As I mentioned in my last blog I was hoping for an exciting fortnight. Luckily I was not disappointed. There has been sunshine, snow and of course plenty of gardening. Saturday 19th January turned out to be a most varied day. It started off in a garden in the High street as usual at this time of the year it was just a case of preparing for March  taking down old stems and weeding away. What is interesting about this particular garden apart from all the flora is the view.img_4720

Luckily for me I get a view of the castle above the rooftops and gardens which I always enjoy. After I finished I had a hunt round to see what I could find.

If that wasn’t exciting enough I began my walk home on the way photographing at the harbour.img_4733

On I went along the river enjoying the snowdrops but failing to find an angle all was not lost and I came upon some heather what was nice that it was at eye level on a bank so it was good to look at it in detail.img_4739

I’ve made a mental note and will return to it at frequent intervals for more pictures. Next was a clump of snowdrops I often photograph  and today was no exception they are so wonderful to enjoy  at this time of year.In this photograph you can really enjoy the texture of the petals.


The excitement was not yet over as after rounding the corner I saw a couple of tree surgeons having a fine old-time. So thanks to them for letting me get some snaps. If you are not looking it easy to forget just how many people are engaged in horticultural work or in this case I should say arboriculture. Either way good luck to them all.

I had such a good morning I decided to work in the afternoon to see what I could get up to. The work went well and of course and I found a few new friends. What would life be without a little slide show.

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Now it was time to make my way home I hadn’t been going for more than five minutes before I found more snowdrops. You might say ‘Dave a snowdrop is a snowdrop’,

but no if you look closely you can always photograph the different ways the snowdrop grow not to mention the markings. Personally I can’t get enough of them as you’ll see in a moment.

My final stop for the day was a garden just round the corner from home. I spied some gorgeous Iris reticulata and as I know the owner I asked if i could take a few snaps.


No problem said the owner and feel free to have a nosey. well you know me so nosey I did. I found out a major renovation of the raised beds was underway.img_4918

So I’ll be keeping an eye out and will give you the full low down when the job is complete. Just in case you think I only enjoy flowers I took some greens to enjoy.img_4923

The detail is fun to look at. With that it was growing dark and time for a rest.  As you can  see it’s always fun in Kirkcudbright.

Snowdrops snowdrops everywhere 

I was asked in the comments section where was the best place to enjoy snowdrops in the local area of course the answer is everywhere you see them. However fortunately, I was out and about enjoying a couple of spots earlier this week. The two spots are at Cumpston Bridge and the other out at St Mary’s Isle. Here are a few pictures to encourage you to enjoy you to pay them a visit.img_5103img_5206img_5194img_5192

Garden photography – Better together

I was in a garden recently tidying up when I remembered a big container of bulbs that I put behind a shed  every year when they have finished flowering.  I was delighted to see the purple Croci  putting in an appearance.

img_5350So I moved them into position. As I was enjoying them I wondered how they would look with a sprig of low hanging Witch Hazel


So after some arranging this was the end product


Now that I had the stage set, so to speak, it was just a case of kneeling down and getting in close with the camera. The combination of purple and yellow worked really well and I photographed  both vertical and horizontal compositions. I was pleased with the results. It’s a fun way to see how plants and colours combine. Try it I’m sure you will like it.

Bye for now 

Phew, I do have some fun as I go about my work. I’m sure it will just get more and more exciting now as the daylight gets longer and the years flies by. Hopefully the crocuses will start to  put on a great show soon and the daffodils won’t be far behind going by what I’ve seen on my travels. So rest assured I’ll be keeping a close watch in the coming weeks and be more than happy to share it with your good selves.

Until the next time, Thursday 14th February, best wishes and above all happy gardening, Dave