It’s been the most wonderful fortnight since you last joined me. The weather has been magnificent for the time of year. Mild temperatures, very little rain, sunny frosty days and best of all some unseasonable blooms have meant lots of gardening along with a great excursion, more of which later.

As I said some unseasonable blooms given that as I write it’s only the 10th of January. Amazingly enough today I saw some Lavender flowering, totally incredible.img_4397

I think it deserves a picture all of its own for its sheer bravery. The best thing of course is to put them in a slide show for your enjoyment.



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I’ve got to say my favourite has  been the Witch Hazel. As I was photographing it the sun was shinning and the breeze blowing in just the right direction so I could enjoy its fragrance, a soft lemony aroma with a hint of saffron. In the end I pulled up a chair and just got on with enjoying the ambience. Lucky old me.


So to work

After the festive break you  would think the party was over but not a bit of it and the garden is just like the best disco ever at least for me. I’ve been busy in both my customers gardens and my own. At the top of the list has of course been tidying and weeding. In my own garden as I’ve mentioned I’ve been taking a relaxed approach letting the seed heads hang on. It’s made for good photographic opportunities.


But slowly I’m getting tidied up. You can do it in stages, for instance today I just chipped away at things getting the garden ready for take off in March.

Firstly I took out some phlox stems they snapped quite easily and the job didn’t take long but made a difference.




As I’ve seen quite a few ladybirds recently I decided to pile some of the debris up in case they need a spot of shelter.


Moving on there was some weeding to do in the rose garden. the warm weather not only encourages the flowers but the weeds as well. Again it didn’t take too long and I had some company as I got the job done.


A Stellar shrub – Viburnum tinus

Those of you who know me in person will be well aware of my penchant for Viburnum tinus. An evergreen shrub with delicately scented pink and white flowers.


I find it very robust and great value as both a stand a lone specimen and hedging plant. It enjoys both shade and full sun and grows at a rate of 1 to 1.5 foot per year eventually growing to over 10 feet.

Using Viburnum tinus as a ornemental shrub

Below you can see a hedge I planted say 4-5 years ago.

The young plants were not very substantial but they have done a great job. Pruning is best done after flowering and where possible use secateurs to avoid tearing the leaves.

All Aboard to Torrs Point

After my previous foray to St Mary’s Isle I thought you might like to join me on a little journey to Torrs point.I say little but if you want to walk from Kirkcudbright itself allow a good five hours for the round trip.There are however parking spots within about 2 miles of the point.

Anyway I chose to walk, the snowdrops along Dee Walk are now hitting their stride.img_4123

Then it’s a wander through town and out onto the Sandyhills Road in the direction of Dalbeattie.  Along the way one soon gets to the side of the bay and here you can stop for a rest to admire the viewsimg_4133

Then off we go again enjoying everything that is good about life. Just before Mutehill, after the bridge we branch off to the right and head along the bay.The views are stunning and there is much bird life to enjoy.img_4141

From here it is about two miles to Torrs point. Though there is no rush and the walk is most enjoyable. img_4268


You may even see a boat or two.


Finally we reach Torrs point and it has been well worth the effort with views a plenty to Ross island and along the coast toward Dundrennan.


After a  bite to eat  it’s time for the walk back towards Kirkcudbright.

img_4256   Along the way the sun begins to set and there is a happy chat with a fellow gardener on the joys of nature. What a wonderful life!!


I have made an extended video of the walk (approximately 2 minutes long) which can be viewed below.

Bye For now

Well that was a walk and a half you can bet I slept well that night. Thanks so much for joining me once again it has been so much fun. I can’t wait to see what is in store over the next fortnight and by the time we meet again on Thursday 31st January the nights will be lighter and I’m sure there will be much to get excited about in the world of gardening.

Until then have a wonderful time and happy gardening, best wishes  to one and all, Dave.